SPOnG - Better with Page 3 girls than stock cars - Pics included

Also, good at crashing

Posted by Staff
SPOnG took part in a games industry stock car race in sunny Wimbledon this weekend. Our driver, Da Moss, did really rather well given that we were knobbled, possibly by Martin Pashley of Loaded magazine before we'd even begun.

As with all bad losers, SPOnG is armed with some pretty decent excuses. Our main one being that we ended up with the worst car. We were presented with 1988 Ford Escort 1.4 GL. This may have been fine if it weren't for the fact that the oposition was equipped with either 1.6 Escorts or 1.8L Vauxhall Cavaliers. One even had a swanky Ford Sierra, with a 2.0L engine and rear-wheel drive, denying us the chance to perform some of the drifting we have practiced so hard during Outrun sessions in the real world.

The engine deficiency was compounded by the frail nature of our already wrecked motor. By the conclusion of the final race almost the entire shell of the car was missing, leaving our driver dangerously, yet very impressively exposed.

And it at about this point that we won the two most important victories it's possible to win:

SPOnG victory #1: Moral
SPOnG victory #2: Car most looking like it was used by a bad Daytona player

The event was put on by Empire Interactive to mark the arrival of its latest Xbox, PC and PlayStation 2 racer FlatOut. Follow the links for a bevvy of screens from the game and enjoy the pics of our mullered car and the female consolation prizes we recieved.


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