DS gets its second Final Fantasy title

Square Enix helps Nintendo corner the handheld RPG market

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DS gets its second Final Fantasy title
The DS is almost close enough to smell, and as the excitement builds, all sorts of interesting revelations are finding their way to our inbox. Today brings the announcement that Square Enix is to put a version of Final Fantasy III onto DS. FFIII is one of the only games in the series to have never been re-worked since its initial Famicom release, and will definitely appeal to FF completists; as well as anyone else who enjoys a solid RPG.

Square Enix has already promised Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for the DS, so the Nintendo handheld may now find itself looking very attractive in the eyes of FF’s cultish fanbase. It’s sure to help the machine’s success in Japan, at the very least. And it might not stop there. Square Enix had previously quizzed its GBA customers as to what FF games they would like to see on the DS. FF III was an obvious first choice, as it only exists in its original form, but if this sells well we may see a wider range of FF titles becoming available on the DS in the future.

More Square Enix news, more DS news and more happy joy excitement will follow shortly.


Kaxxx 7 Oct 2004 11:31
It certainly will help its populairty world wide, just as FFVII did for the PS. Great news to hear and a welcomed edition to the future line-up.
Ditto 7 Oct 2004 12:31

DS just gets better and better...
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Joji 7 Oct 2004 20:04
Happy, Happy...Joy, Joy! A good day for every FF girl and boy. Excellent news.

Great to see Square Enix listening to our wants and needs. FFIII would make a great post launch title to help pull in the newbies, over the spring/summer time.

What's better for me is that FF I & II is due soon on a nice GBA cart too, a great Xmas present indeed.

Thanks S.E
Tael 9 Oct 2004 20:07
This game is surely an excellent addition to the great line up of games we have so far. It's good that they are re-releasing this game because it's the first time since the nes that they've updated it.
I wonder how they'll implement the touch screen into it...I'm looking forward to this game immensly and will enjoy playing it. I wonder what else Square-Enix will release. Hopefully they'll redo FF 7 or another classic game such as Chrono Trigger or secret of mana.
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