Namco's DS Mr Driller doubles the fun

Mmm, cartoon power tools

Posted by Staff
Today is turning out to be a rather splendid time for handheld related daydreams, with Namco trying to out-cute Sony's squeamishly dinky cat-stroking simulator with screens and artwork from its two universally appealing DS titles: Mr Driller and Pac-Pix.

First up, we have Mr Driller: a character with an upstanding reputation for puzzlage; popularized by such titles as Mr Driller , Mr Driller 2 and Mr Driller: Drill Land. The theme is set to continue with the DS version, following the same gameplay as its predecessors. In this instance, the DS unique factor has been derived from the extra screen, rather than the touch-sensitivity. It will be controlled in the same way as the GBA version, but the playing area is effectively twice as tall because play pans out over both of the screens.

Although this kind of innovation was prevalent in the days when pterodactyls ruled the skies and Nintendo's twin screened Game and Watch titles were cutting-edge entertainment of tomorrow, its return is welcome enough here. Have a gander at the screens and artwork, it looks good enough to eat [assuming that you eat coloured blocks and cartoon miners wearing pink jumpsuits].

Expect more Namco DS news elsewhere in today's headlines.


Joji 2 Oct 2004 01:05
More DS games. Never played this one before but I'll put it on my list.

Come on Namco, where is Tekken or Soul Edge for my DS? Some fighting games will be needed, not just puzzlers and rpgs.
Kaxxx 4 Oct 2004 07:04
Mr Driller is a fantastic title. Total addictive.
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