PlayStation 2 Final Fantasy VII update: It lives!

With a subtitle that sounds a bit like dog poo Ė Itís all good

Posted by Staff
PlayStation 2 Final Fantasy VII update: It lives!
After months of speculation, Square Enix has finally lifted the lid on itís hallowed Final Fantasy VII spin-off title, a title which became one of the worst-kept secrets in RPG news history.

The game is entitled Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, which given that Cerberus is a dog, makes it sound a little like an adventure with a poop-a-scoop, which we are sure it is not.

So onto the details as they stand today. The game is set a year and a half after the conclusion of events in Advent Children, and sees Vincent Valentine awoken from a Han Solo-style stasis prison by Cloud, charged with saving the city from the onslaught of a mysterious group called The Dirge of Cerberus.

Not really much else to report at this stage, other that itís a PlayStation 2 exclusive, scheduled to hit Japan in 2005, which begs the question Ė Will SE be able to localise the game for western markets before the PlayStation 2 ceases to be the game industryís main focus?

Weíll bring you updates as they break.



Joji 16 Sep 2004 14:38
Hurrah, our prayers have been answered after so long.

I really do think it's about time some other consoles saw some proper FF action (and that does't count FF:CC, well not in my book anyway). Sony and their exclusivity cheese again perhaps is getting to be too much.

Xbox and GC deserve some one player rpg support from SE, I don't find it strange that PS2 is getting countless SE product, maybe that's market forces for ya.

All in all thoough bloody good news, and we still have FFXII to come yet. What a result. Cheers SE.
Kaxxx 16 Sep 2004 14:43
I loved FF7 & 9. I thought FFX was piss poor and TBH im going to give the rest of them unless its something very impressive. Ive never been a fan of random battles though so its usually this that puts me off most of the available turn-based RPG's out there. FFTactics kept me amused for a while on the GBA though.

Im sure plenty of FF fans will be pleased though.
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Joji 16 Sep 2004 14:48
Well I dunno about FF:DOC, but FFXII might have real time battles I think, could be wrong.

Should be interesting to see if FF:DOC is an action rpg or a turn based one. I'll be looking forward to it, Vincent is one of my fave characters in FFVII.
Pandaman 16 Sep 2004 20:26
Well, it's the announcement we've all been waiting so desperatly for!

I'm of course speaking of the official announcement that the Final Fantasy series has officially ran out of ideas.

That, or the fact that noone will ever be able to figure out the number order of the series from now on.
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