Super Monkey Ball DX ? First PlayStation 2 Screens!

And really, really small they are too!

Posted by Staff
Look! it?s Super Monkey Ball Deluxe for the PlayStation 2! Honest, it really is.

Taken from Sega?s official website and following that ever-joyous Japanese tradition of posting really, really small images of hot new games, you can make out, via the magic of squinting, Aiai, Mimi, Gongon and Baby, cavorting in their delicious world of bananas, hand-gliding and mayhem.

We currently have a request with Sega Japan for some bigger snaps, so as soon as they land, we?ll bung them up. Stay tuned.


Joji 15 Sep 2004 15:25
Have a banana, you grease monkeys.

Doesn't look that much different from previous balls with monkeys running around inside them. No surprises til you play it.
ohms 15 Sep 2004 15:56
were spong just making fun of a site for posting small images ??

Kaxxx 16 Sep 2004 06:52
Id love to see some bigger images, you cant tell much from them at all. TBH im not interested in the deluxe version, waiting on SMB3.
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