GBA SP Down To 69.99, New Gamecube Bundle Revealed

Nintendo bumps up the value

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GBA SP Down To £69.99, New Gamecube Bundle Revealed
As expected, following the recent price-cuts in the US, Nintendo will be slashing a few quid off the price of the GBA SP in preparation for the competitive Q4 sales-fest. According to MCV, retailers have suggested that within the fortnight, GBA SP?s will be down to 69.99. At this new price point, the more impatient potential PSP purchasers might just be tempted to give in and grab a unit ? especially with GTA and Payback just around the corner, waiting to snare that largely untapped older demographic.

It is also a reflection of the inevitable fact that Nintendo will soon be placing an overwhelming emphasis on all things DS, the release of which is looming large. Nintendo isn?t planning on any official price-cuts for the Gamecube though ? instead opting for bundles of joy in the quest to shift units. Having recently announced the Donkey Konga Bongo Bundle Pak for a perfectly reasonable 90, Nintendo will also be releasing a Mario Kart Double Dash bundle for 79.99. Although if we didn?t already have Cubes, we know which one we?d prefer for the extra tenner: Doku! Doku! Pan! Pan!

There may be further contenders for bundledom announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to find out.


ryohazuki-san 13 Sep 2004 12:52
Ninty always do some brill bundles round da Q4 mark and im sure thier sales shud pick up decently round this time period. Da Cube bundles dnt look to bad at all, if i didnt have 1 id definately go 4 Donkey Konga aswell. Anotha bundle which mite score high would b a MGS 1. Dey shuld buff da cube up makin it look stealthy or sumfin. i dnt no, u lot got n e ideas on 1?!?
Joji 13 Sep 2004 13:47
Told you so. Nice to be right about something. I think that 60 pounds would be more reasonable than 70. It might drop again when the DS is out though, perhaps well into next year.

Do you always right your messages with such cheesy text english Ryo? I knew this text messaging era would spoil the normal written and spelling of english. No wonder kids can't learn english properly.

Jest kiddin.
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Kaxxx 13 Sep 2004 15:00
'The' is actually only one extra letter you know!
Alan is my first name 13 Sep 2004 22:31
The Metroid Prime bundle box that we have makes me want to have sex with all Gamecube boxes ever.
Kaxxx 14 Sep 2004 06:59
I sold my original Gamecube and bought the Zelda Platinum edition. Looks cool as hell along side my DVD player, VCR, sound system. Cost a bit though to get all the platinum wavebirds.
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