Tecmo Gets Nostalgic - PS2 Hit Parade Revealed

Bombjack and Solomon's Key - And no need for outsized 10p coins!

Posted by Staff
It seems that the retro gaming revival is continuing unabated, following the huge success of Nintendo?s Famicom-mini series and the steady trickle of Sega Ages titles, as well as the other compilations and anthologies already on the market. Tecmo is the latest publisher to get in on the act, having recently announced Tecmo Hit Parade: due for release on PS2 in Japan on 25th November.

As you should have guessed by now, Tecmo Hit Parade will parade in front of gamers a selection of Tecmo hits. So far, classic such as Bombjack, Solomon?s Key, Star Force, the fatally flawed and multi-named World Cup and Pinball Action have all been suggested as included titles. The likes of Rygar, Dragon Ninja and perhaps one of the original Ninja Gaiden games would also be viable candidates for re-release.

There hasn?t been any mention of a non-Japanese release as yet, but given the nature of the title, it will likely arrive on these shores at some point in the future. We?ll let you know.


Joji 7 Sep 2004 12:48
Dragon Ninja and Rygar who be very smart indeed, maybe chuck Ninja Gaiden in for good measure.

Back catalogue stuff does sell well, and it's about time they were doing something to combat emulators.
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