Warner Bros' Latest Movie Spin-Off 'Constantine' Outlined

Game based on the film based on the comic announced

Posted by Staff
Although Warner Brothers Interactive has been conspicuously vocal about its plans for quality-assured movie game tie-ins, and has made a further advance on the games industry in acquiring developers Monolith, it has announced today that both development and publishing duties for the forthcoming ‘Constantine’ film spin-off will be awarded to external companies. Bits Corp will be developing, whilst SCi will be putting the title out on the shelves.

The movie itself, starring Keanu ‘honestly, I can act as something other than a stupid surf-dude’ Reeves is to be based on the moody DC/Vertigo comic – Hellblazer. This tells the tale of John Constantine who has visited hell, presumably in a blaze, and has returned to the world of the living to embark on a police investigation. It sounds a bit like a Columbo with added demons.

Bits is no stranger to games-of-movies, having created Die Hard: Vendetta and Terminator 2, although both of these were a bit rubbish. However, from what we have heard from those close to Constantine, this latest spin-off looks likely to change this. The 'hell' level has been pointed out as being worthy of note in particular.

We’ll just have to wait and see how Constantine pans out. The game is set to be released for PS2 and Xbox in the US, at about the same time as the movie, which is February 2005.


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