Happy Birthday Dreamcast!

Sega Europe is proud to announce that Dreamcast, its record breaking, next generation, online gaming console has reached all first year sales targets.

Posted by Staff
Dreamcast, the world’s only internet ready console, launched October 14th 1999, and has now shipped well in excess of 1 million units across Europe.

The stunning line up of Dreamcast software, including launch blockbusters Sonic Adventure and Sega Rally 2 and recent number one smash hit Virtua Tennis have helped Sega software sales to exceed 2.5 million units across Europe.

Dreamarena, Dreamcast’s dedicated online portal for games and lifestyle content, successfully introduced online console gaming to Europe with the launch of ChuChu Rocket in June 2000. With more than 400,000 users across Europe, more than 10 % of whom log on daily, Dreamarena is now one of Europe’s largest gaming communities.

JF Cecillon CEO of Sega Europe comments "These results pay credit to everyone who has helped make Dreamcast such a success. The ongoing support of the development community means gamers can look forward to some stunning new games over the next few months and beyond.

Our timing is perfect, we have a stack of top quality games and new peripherals launching in the next two months. Sega are poised to take advantage of short supply by the competition. Retailers can be confident that they will have plenty of Dreamcasts and top quality titles for customers throughout the Christmas sales period''

Gamers can look forward to an exhilarating future with Dreamcast online gaming set to become the benchmark of interactive excellence. 10 online titles are due for release on Dreamcast by Spring 2001. These include the ultimate in multi-player gaming, Quake III Arena; Lionhead's groundbreaking god sim. - Black and White and Phantasy Star Online a unique and expansive real-time gaming world. Other blockbuster titles set for release over the next few months include the epic, cinematic Shenmue, the world’s most expensive video game production with a budget of £70m.


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