Phantom Dust screenshot explosion inside!

Microsoft Game Studios' Japanese Xbox project pictured.

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Phantom Dust, as the core title from Microsoft Game Studios Japan, has been shrouded with mystery since its original conception. The US version of Phantom Dust was cancelled, and so MGS is relying entirely on the rather slight Xbox community in Japan to buy up all the copies. It does seem a strange strategy, as a game planned solely for this small market simply cannot sell well. Similarly, it?s too late in the product lifecycle for MS to think of Phantom Dust as a game that will make Japanese gamers go out and buy Xboxes.

However, Phantom Dust is looking quite impressive. In essence, it?s an arena action battle game with some contemplative strategic seasoning. Players can choose from an array of over 300 supernatural skills, which in turn define the character?s combat abilities. It's also Live! enabled with room for 4-player battling. The graphics are nicely stylised and the game is an original concept. For the developer's sake, we hope that someone actually buys the game to appreciate it.

If Microsoft is going to make any announcement of a non-Japanese release for Phantom Dust, it should be fairly soon. The finished game is due out in Japan at the end of September.

In the meantime, have a glance at these latest shots and see what you?ll be missing.


Joji 11 Aug 2004 14:07
Heard about this game and it looks pretty enough. Not releasing it in the U.S sound like suicide to me though, when majority of Xbox's are U.S owned. Very weird indeed.

Looks like they don't have faith in their product, something that should do much better since it has Live support. And how many games of this type are on Xbox Live? Next to none. What are you thinking MS?
Rod Todd 11 Aug 2004 15:38
Did you say that the game was original?

That might explains why it's not going on sale in the US.
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