Ninja Gaiden expansion pack now available for download

The best just got better.

Posted by Staff
In case you didnít know already, Ninja Gaiden is the most hardcore thing in the world, ever. Heralded by many as the Xboxís finest game, the Team Ninja masterpiece has set new standards for video-gaming greatness. As if that wasnít good enough, Ninja Gaiden has now been adorned with the slightly belated Hurricane expansion pack, which raises the stakes even further.

For starters, the Hurricane pack is totally free (unlike certain other Live! updates) once a connection to Xbox Live! has been established. The new bundle of extras adds plenty to the experience, with a new weapon (the mighty Lunar staff), a new costume, new, tougher enemies, new level designs, new moves and even a new manual camera engine. Whatís more, if you can prove your supremacy at these trickier challenges, then you stand a chance to win a trip to Tokyo as winner of The Master Ninja Tournament.

One thingís for certain: Hurricane-enhanced Ninja Gaiden is one of the hardest games that one could feasibly enjoy playing. The original was too much for some, but this really takes the biscuit. The combat is more intensive, there are fewer health potions to pick up and even the stores seem to have fallen victim to crazy inflation. As such, we would be extremely keen to see quite how preposterously amazing the winner of The Master Ninja Tournament will have to be.

If other developers followed this precedent, making excellent games even better with free downloadable content, it would be a great thing indeed. If they could offer big prizes to the most skilled players as well, then the world would be a better place. Team Ninja, we love you.


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