Mysterious new Hope for Gamecube?

N-Space adds new title to development roster.

Posted by Staff
Mysterious new Hope for Gamecube?
N-Space, the company hard at work developing Geist - a ghost-related FPS for Gamecube - has revealed today that it has a brand new game in the works. The only information available so far is that it?s called Hope. As hard as we tried, no further details could be fathomed by staring long and hard at the logo. It would be nice (subjectively) to think that it?s a Viking-inspired font for a Viking-based game, but in all probability, it won?t be anything of the sort.

Although Geist could potentially be quite impressive, N-Space?s previous output has been questionable. As the developers to blame for heinous cash-ins such as Mary-Kate & Ashley Sweet Sixteen and Die Hard Trilogy 2, Hope could turn out to be a total duffer.

Once N-Space has explained what Hope is, and which platforms it?s intended for, get the full lowdown here.


Joji 6 Aug 2004 13:50
Here's hoping it's a cool game, GC needs all it can get. Geist is still looking cool, so hopefully this will be good too.
Alan is my first name 6 Aug 2004 19:33
I HOPE it's a good game! Eh? Get it? Huh? ...ah, you guys never talk to me anyway.
crafty bison 7 Aug 2004 11:07
Wow, this is weird. Anyone remember that faked Gamecube promo leaflet before E3? It had Hope on it.
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