DS games list powers up with Castlevania, Dragon Quest and more...

Nintendo update list of Japanese software currently in development.

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DS games list powers up with Castlevania, Dragon Quest and more...
Over the weekend, Nintendo has updated its online list of Japanese games currently in development for the recently-finalised DS handheld. Although many are hoping for entirely new game concepts for the twin-screen system, there are some familiar names on the list that will surely bring a warm glow to the most hard-hearted cynic.

No-one can really complain about series with such solid reputations as Castlevania, Winning Eleven, Viewtiful Joe, Rockman (Megaman) and Puzzle Bobble putting in an appearance. Elsewhere on the list, mention of a DS title from Tecmo?s Team Ninja has our hearts-a-fluttering, and the prospect of milking a cow or picking an aubergine using a small plastic stylus is something we hope Harvest Moon DS can deliver.

For avid role-playing gamers, the DS software library has been bolstered most favourably with this latest update. A new RPG from Gamearts might be ushering in the return of Grandia. Konami is set to put the spiky-haired Goemon warrior through his action RPG paces once again, and master of all things complex and fantastical - Square Enix, is offering a generous handful of Dragon Quest, Secret Of Mana and Final fantasy titles.

Here?s the most recent additions to the roster, we?ll keep you informed as to when more titles are added.

Action Game (D3 Publisher)
Boktai (Konami)
Castlevania (Konami)
Chobi Island 3 (Rocket Company)
Dragon Ball Z (Banpresto)
Dragon Quest Monsters New Work (Square Enix)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles New Work (Square Enix)
Goemon (Konami)
Harvest Moon DS (Marvelous)
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball series (Konami)
Jissen Pachislot Hisshouhou Hokutonoken (Sammy)
Living High Killing Low (Genki)
Meteos (Bandai)
Monster Farm Latest Work (Tecmo)
Mysterious Dungeons (Chun Soft)
Naruto (Tomy)
New Mr. Driller (Namco)
New RPG (GameArts)
New RPG (Namco)
Nintendogs (Nintendo)
One Piece (Bandai)
Original RPG (Marvelous)
Puzzle Bobble Series (Taito)
Rakugaki Kingdom Series (Taito)
River King series (Marvelous)
Rockman EXE series (Capcom)
RS Riding Spirits (Spike)
Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana) New Work (Square Enix)
Shutokou Battle / Tokyo Xtreme Racing (Genki)
Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest New Work (Square Enix)
Sonic DS (Sega)
Spectral Force (Idea Factory)
Survival Kids (Konami)
Team Ninja New Work (Tecmo)
Tengai Makyou Series (Hudson)
Vandal Hearts (Konami)
Viewtiful Joe series (Capcom)
Winning Eleven series (Konami)
Wrestling (Yukes)
Zoids (Tomy)


Joji 2 Aug 2004 11:52
This list makes me feel it's Xmas. Got a lovely collection of RPGs in there. Vandal Hearts, Boktai, Spectral Force and Tengai Makyou are down on my list, but to name a few.

Still waiting to see what Nintendogs is gonna be like, since it's really the least talked about new Nintendo IP.

Good to see the list is still building up nicely.
Brown Force 2 Aug 2004 12:56
Vandal Hearts!!! Well I have to say I'm quite pleasantly shocked that Konami are bringing this out for the DS! Also shocked at all the RPG's too. Handheld RPG's have always been great.

I have to say, I have been doubting getting a DS since it was revealed. But looking at that list has changed my mind. I'm definatly getting one now. Go Nintendo!
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YenRug 2 Aug 2004 13:10
Brown Force wrote:

>Vandal Hearts!!! Well I have to say I'm quite
>pleasantly shocked that Konami are bringing this
>out for the DS!

Ah, someone after my own heart. As I commented on another forum, I can die happy now! Been way too long since I last played the original on my PlayStation.
Alan is my first name 2 Aug 2004 21:07
The difference between the long list of PSP titles and the long list of DS titles is that I actually want to play the DS ones. The PSP games look exactly the same as the PS2 line-up, which is actually rather boring at the moment.
Ditto 3 Aug 2004 09:33

I think Nintendo have a winner here.

Who wants a PSP when all the good games are on the DS?
Brown Force 3 Aug 2004 10:07
Couldn't agree more. I have barely seen any game on the PSP I really want. But with all the great Nintendo remakes coming to it (in DS form which makes it extra special) and then alot RPG's as well. I am really shocked at the amount of support their getting from Square-Enix compared to the PSP which will likely get remakes.

I think the DS is going to be the winner in this Handheld war. Not just because of price or battery life. But mainly down to the games. Sony just doesn't have to quality to match this list and the ones that do are PS2 ports.
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