Virtua Fighter 2 pushes SEGA Ages series back into the ring

SEGA AM2 to re-work classic fighter for PS2.

Posted by Staff
SEGA has announced the latest title in its SEGA Ages series as Virtua Fighter 2. As perhaps the series’ finest arcade moment, there will be plenty of VF fans salivating at the prospect of this re-make. However, these same fans would be disappointed with anything less than an arcade-perfect conversion, something which other games in the SEGA Ages range have been unable to deliver. Fortunately, for the hardcore arcade stick jockeys, the VF2 re-release is being handled by the game’s original developers – SEGA AM2 - and so a solid conversion should be quite possible.

Virtua Fighter 2 will be released on PS2 in Japan on October 14, with no mention of any release anywhere else at this stage. Containing a full original arcade conversion as well as the revised 2.1 Virtua Fighter 2 upgrade, this could well be a highlight of the SEGA Ages series, which has proved slightly lacklustre with earlier ventures. Here’s hoping anway...


NickSCFC 30 Jul 2004 11:52
Strangely the screens shown here are from the PC/Saturn versions, which graphically are much inferior to the arcade version.

Where's Shun's bridge!
NiktheGreek 30 Jul 2004 12:42
I'd probably assume it's because decent screenshots of the arcade version are difficult to come by, especially since Model 2 emulation isn't too far along.

As for this remake, I'm hopeful. But with Sony's stance on the Sega Ages series as it stands, how will we get this one? If it were to come as a bonus disc with Final Tuned (presuming that it's finished before a Final Tuned release), I'd be most pleased.
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Joji 30 Jul 2004 13:32
If need be just bag an Action Replay Max and import a copy. Import games are icing on the big gaming cake, and should be sampled at least once.

Also if you check with importers you'll find other gems that we'll never see. Stuff like Altered Beast and Fist of the Northstar. Don't hurt to look.
AM2Kid 30 Jul 2004 19:09
I'm really chuffed about this. Now if only Conspiracy Games can hurry up and get the Euro release sorted. I was looking forward to getting Virtua Racing from the Sega Ages series - but this is perhaps even better news.

My only concern is that the initial batch of proposed 'remakes' included reworks of Phantasy Star and Space Harrier. If these don't sell (even as bundled titles) then we might neer see the PAL release of these gems.

Oh roll on 2005......

Ah yes - Shun's bridge. Here's hoping they put in an arcade perfect 'Enter Your Name' stage at the end of the game too.
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