Fistful of third party DS titles announced

Atlus makes contribution to DS software library.

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Fistful of third party DS titles announced
Now that the DS design has been finalised and its release date edges ever closer, a fair variety of non-Nintendo titles have wriggled out of the woodwork. Atlus is one company to get involved at these relatively early stages, and has recently announced five new titles for the DS. These are originally intended for release in Japan, but itís highly likely that each game will be made available internationally.

Snowboard Kids DS is perhaps the most noteworthy title in the selection, having entertained plenty of N64 owners in the past. Atlus, however, is adamant that it wonít just be a straight port of that title. Bearing in mind the whole double screen, touch sensitive stylus thing, we should certainly hope not!

Elsewhere, thereís a fairly broad spectrum of games on offer. An RPG, Shin Megami Tensei (which translates as Truth and a Goddess Transmigration) will apparently use the dual screen to display the game environment above, and a combat-centric close-up of the main character below. Thereís a racing game, Choro Q DS, and also a mysterious action game called Kadoukeusu. Thereís even a board-game sim, called Jensei Game, which is, in fact, The Game Of Life. Betcha can't wait!

Once these titles are deserving of more substantial synopses, we shall update you.


Joji 29 Jul 2004 12:48
Great stuff. Snowbow Kids and Shin Megami Tensei are good games. Choro Q I haven't played buy another racing game is welcome. Kadoukeusu sounds interesting but time will tell.

Atlus have a good rep so hopefully some more titles will follow. Hopefully we'll get a dose of Gunbird and Disgaea later on too.
Mecha Ghandi 29 Jul 2004 14:40
"Hopefully we'll get a dose of Gunbird and Disgaea later on too. "

The prospect of Gunbird, if you mean the 2D arcade shooter, being played in a dual-screen stylus-enabled capacity actually excites me in a very inappropriate way.

And Im very, very, very much looking forward to a stylus-controlled beat' em up. Soul Calibur DS anyone?

Alan is my first name 29 Jul 2004 23:28
Snowboard Kids DS actually has me more excited than most of the Nintendo 1st party lineup. I guess I'm a dork.
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