The Urbz DS points to November release for Nintendo handheld?

Sims In The City confirmed as EA’s first DS release

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Speak up dearie, I left my ear trumpet at home today.
Speak up dearie, I left my ear trumpet at home today.
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Electronic Arts has confirmed that The Urbz: Sims In The City will be the company’s first title for the Nintendo DS. Of particular interest is the press release’s indication of a November launch. Assuming that this doesn’t pertain purely to the version planned for present platforms, this significantly strengthens the speculative rumours that the DS will have been released by this point – in Japan, at least.

The DS version of The Urbz will have several unique features. The most important of these are the wireless multiplayer modes and touch-screen control method, but there will also be platform-specific characters, objects and mini-games.

Sinjin Bain, Executive Producer of The Urbz commented that, "On the Nintendo DS, we are able to do things […] that we could not do with any other console. Like the system itself, this game is completely unique. Never before have Sims players been able to unleash their alter egos in an urban environment - complete with the sounds, scenes and settings of the city."

If The Urbz DS is truly readying for a November release, it will be in the fortunate position of being one of the first third party games available for the new handheld – if indeed, the console is actually in the shops by that point. Stay tuned!


Joji 16 Jul 2004 15:00
Nice game for a new system to have, because it appeals to a wider audience, than most games. Well EA are clearly hungry to make money with DS, first we had some talk of John Madden earlier this week, but that's encouraging. And now this.

I just hope Command and Conquer DS is also in the pipe.
Pandaman 16 Jul 2004 21:07
In case you didn't know, the rumored release for the DS in the US is Novemember 11th, a week after the Japanese release.
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mrnull 20 Jul 2004 03:48
Alan Poole wrote:

>In case you didn't know, the rumored release for
>the DS in the US is Novemember 11th, a week after
>the Japanese release.

I know many online retailers (EB, GameStop) have pre-orders for the console set for late November. They need to launch it early enough for parents to nab for their kids (X-MAS) and in time to generate proper hype for the holiday season. Surely it'll be on shelves before Decemeber.
Kaxxx 20 Jul 2004 06:58
Do you reckon the DS software will be universal like the GBA? I think it should be as the GBA and SP were. Saves us UKers waiting the ridiculous times that we do.

Im in no big rush for the DS though. Ill get it and the PSP but the only they take the better methinks.
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