Exclusive: No E-Reader for Europe. Ever!

Content to migrate through 'different routes'.

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The E-Reader-heavy Animal Crossing
The E-Reader-heavy Animal Crossing
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We can reveal today that the E-Reader will never be released into Europe, following well over a year of 'maybes' from Nintendo regarding the future of the Game Boy Advance peripheral.

Hot on the heels of one NOE insider doubting the possibility of the unit shipping, we have received absolute clarification on the issue. "We won't launch E-Reader in Europe,” confirmed head of PR Shelly Pearce. “We don't think the market potential is great enough to launch the product in Europe - however we will make the downloadable elements that cards provided available via different routes,” ending the debate at last.

As to exactly how any additional content will manage to transcend its cardboard origins remains to be seen. With the launch of the E-Reader heavy Animal Crossing for PAL Game Cube due this fall, this question will soon be answered.


ohms 7 Jul 2004 12:04
OH! but konga drums are okay right ??

Cheeefs !!!

Brown Force 7 Jul 2004 14:20
Um and I wonder why that is? I can't understand how Nintendo can be such clever Innovaters but so stupid when it comes to marketing. The reason it won't sell well over here is because they don't pay our Market that much attention. If they actually tried in the European market I've not doubt they could at least be on the same level as Xbox which I think is doing very well in Europe. They don't need to crack the market because they already have a big fanbase over here. We just barely have anything good from nintendo arriving here thats all.

All you have to do is look at the release schedule past and present for Europe and compare it to Japan or even America. If Nintendo actually released the same games as they did in Japan and America then perhaps there would be a market for it. But no, apparently us Europeans are too narrow minded for all that complicated and innovative stuff coming from Japan...I mean all those Dating sims and Hack N Slashes really boggle the mind hummm.
Pandaman 7 Jul 2004 22:37
You guys really arn't missing much. Seriously.

Also, does Europe have Animal Crossing yet? Jeez, I've had that game for over a year now! Localization can't possibly take that long, even with a game like this.
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