New Famicom Mini Series to see legendary Disc System titles reborn

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New Famicom Mini Series to see legendary Disc System titles reborn
The Magic Box is today reporting that a new batch of Famicom Mini titles for the Game Boy Advance is on the cards, this time concentrating on the Famicomís Disc System, something of a mythical Japan-only creature of yesteryear.

The games reported as being included in the new range are:

  • Famicom Mini Vol. 21 Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Famicom Mini Vol. 22 Nazo no Murasame
  • Famicom Mini Vol. 23 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
  • Famicom Mini Vol. 24 Metroid
  • Famicom Mini Vol. 25 Palthena's Mirror (Kid Icarus)
  • Famicom Mini Vol. 26 Shin Onigashima
  • Famicom Mini Vol. 27 Famicom Tantei Kurabu: Kieta Koukeisha
  • Famicom Mini Vol. 28 Famicom Tantei Kurabu II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo
  • Famicom Mini Vol. 29 Akumajou Dracula (Castlevania)
  • Famicom Mini Vol. 30 SD Gundam World: Gachapon Senshi Scramble Wars

As Nintendo fans will be aware, Disc System version of various Famicom titles came pre-augmented with various in-game goodies, in something of a prelude to multi-buy strategy that is the defining property of the companyís current business model.

At present, these titles are scheduled, according to unconfirmed reports, to hit shelves in Japan on August 10th. Weíll bring you confirmation and news of any possible western release as soon as possible.


Alan is my first name 6 Jul 2004 20:22
Why the heck are they re-rereleasing Super Mario Brothers 2? And anyone would be a fool not to pick up Kid Icarus.
Joji 7 Jul 2004 11:26
I think is great news in a market where 3d games dominate shelf space. These games give older gamers some nostalgia, and younger gamers stuff that might have never seen or played before.

Perhaps these games are Nintendo's answer to the emulation scene, which has been uploading lots of these old NES/SNES games for illegal download for years now. Fans have been crying out for some classics for ages and now we are getting them. It's also interesting that DS is on the way soon, and has a retro design but can play these games along with normal GBA and DS titles. Nice retro futuristic approach don't you think?

I'd like to see Metal Gear, Golgo 13, Castlevania 3 soon please. Nice to have a cheap gaming option.

I never played Kid Icarus before, I'll have to check it out. Just goes to show many of us probably missed so many NES games first time round, so it's nice to get a second chance at them. Sweet.
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