Nintendo Konga Beach Road Trip bringing joy to the masses

Plenty of previews and the Donkey Konga Bongo Battle?

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The festival season is truly upon us, as fields up and down the country fill with muddy students and crusty hippy folk at various outdoor music events. But this British summer phenomenon is not exclusively reserved for music fans. This year gamers can get in on the act and make a pilgrimage to their nearest venue hosting the Nintendo Konga Beach Road Trip.

Nintendo will be driving a swarthy 40-foot truck across the length and breadth of England, parking its giant Konga Beach Shack at various glamorous locations such as Woolworths big W stores.

Inside the giant Hawaiian-themed lorry, Nintendo fans will get the chance to test out a load of yet-to-be-released GameCube and GBA games. Obviously the main attraction will be the Donkey Konga bongo stands, all lined-up and ready for a good smacking. Attendees will be rewarded not only with a preview of Nintendo's unusual drumming game, but also the chance to win a Jeep Wrangler by competing in the Donkey Konga Bongo Battle - the final of which takes place at the Game Stars Live event in London, during the first week of September.

One thing's for sure, SPOnG will definitely be pitching up at at least one of these events, probably armed with a picnic-hamper full of banana-based bribes.

The Nintendo Konga Beach Road Trip's schedule is as follows:

24th July - Woolworths big W, Birmingham
25th July - Woolworths big W, Tamworth
28th & 29th July - London Zoo, London
1st August - Woolworths big W, Newport
4th August - Woolworths big W, Beckton
5th August - Woolworths big W, Newark
11th August - Woolworths big W, Hull
12th August - Woolworths big W, Rotherham
13th August - Woolworths big W, Bradford
14th August - Woolworths big W, Bolton
15th August - Woolworths big W, Manchester
18th August - Woolworths big W, Norwich
19th - 22nd August - Balloon Festival, Northampton
26th August - Woolworths big W, Coventry
27th - 30th August - Town & Country Festival, Warwickshire
30th - 31st August - Longleat Center Parcs, Wiltshire
1st September - Woolworths big W, Bristol
4th - 5th September - Woburn, Milton Keynes

1st - 5th September - DONKEY KONGA BATTLE FINAL Game Stars, London


Alan is my first name 3 Jul 2004 21:19
Too bad I'll miss this since I'm going to know...not in Europe. But I hear the game isn't very hard, so these bongo games might go into like...tripple overtime!

And there's nothing better than a bongo game going into overtime.
kandair 8 Sep 2004 08:51
I was at Manchester, and the scores were flooding in. Lots of true nitendo fans there, some had travelled from Newcastle. The highest score i heard of there was 51, xxx. On alright in monkey setting. Just seen some of the merchandise from tour now filtering to ebay too. Who else went to Manchester? it was a good day. :-)
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