Bold Games releases the most mundane game this year?

American Farmer Simulator probably not coming to a PC near you.

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It must be a serious challenge turning farming into an entertaining video game. The Harvest Moon games are probably the only qualified examples of popular agriculture-em-ups, although various RTS games have also successfully implemented farming as part of their wider resource management aspects. But generally speaking, hardcore farming simulators don?t generate particularly passionate responses in the gaming community.

Even though Gabriel Entertainment?s American Farmer game will be touting the official license of the notorious John Deere (Deere & Company being the world?s favourite manufacturer of agricultural machinery), it would be surprising if this game manages to sell beyond its extremely niche target market.

Paul Rinde, CEO of the game?s publisher - Destineer - is currently promoting the game as follows: "John Deere American Farmer allows players to build and establish their own successful farm utilising their planning skills and John Deere equipment, the most recognisable brand of equipment in the farming community. It's the most authentic farming experience available besides working the fields yourself."

Whilst many consumers would resent paying money for an experience that resembles hard manual labour, if you really need a farming game, and found the cutesy joy of Harvest Moon too much to digest, John Deere?s American Farmer might be your only option. It?s out now, in America.


Smelly 1 Jul 2004 09:45
Sounds Brill.. deffo my cup of tea.. better than mgs3 sounds anyhows...

Anyone know where i can download a demo from?
Joji 2 Jul 2004 11:50
Cool. Now I can really act like an angry farmer and tell people to "Get off of my land" while chasing them with a shotgun.

Then I can indulge in the excitement of crop rotation and spreading bullshit across fields as fertiliser. Hurrah, now where's the keys to my tractor. LOL

I'll stick to Harvest Moon anyday. Perhaps they should play that to see what a game should be.
Alan is my first name 3 Jul 2004 21:36
At least Harvest Moon fans have an option now.
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