Scrapland announced for PC and Xbox

Mercury Steam builds Mecha-GTA title.

Posted by Staff
Enlight Software has announced today that it will be publishing Scrapland, a third person action adventure game from Spanish developer Mercury Steam. With American McGee (an American), acting as Executive Producer on a Hong Kong-published game developed in Europe, Scrapland will be a truly international affair.

According to notes on the game’s official website, “The game mechanic combines proven GTA3 style emergent action with an immersive storyline, diversity of player actions, and complete freedom of movement through the world”. And in terms of characters and storyline, Scrapland courts the notion of a comic style science-fiction world populated by robots that can build and customise their own futuristic vehicles and machinery. If Mercury Steam can marry these two concepts successfully, the game ought to entice both western and eastern audiences.

Should Enlight deliver on the promise of fighting, racing, exploring, car-jacking, ship-building and Deathmatch multiplayer carnage, Scrapland could turn out to be something rather special. We’ll be able to cast judgement when the game arrives on PC and Xbox towards the end of the year.


kami 5 Jul 2004 00:24
Hmm, and if we're going to be controlling robots and driving around, logically some transformers style action should be thrown in as well for good measure ^_^

Still, the customisation aspect might be interesting. And it would be a whole lot of fun if it was possible to get multiplayer running on a huge world.
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