U Move Super Sports warms up for release

Screens of Konami's EyeToy Sports mini-games

Posted by Staff
Konami of Europe has finally produced three screenshots for its upcoming EyeToy based sports title, U Move Super Sports. In Japan, Konami places great importance on the role of sports - there is a chain of Konami gymnasiums and sport centres, Konami exercise-bikes, even Konami dietary supplements for the nutritionally challenged. Over here though, UMSS is the only Konami offering that's likely to give players any kind of sweat-inducing cardio-vascular workout.

Containing 15 separate mini-games, U Move Super Sports takes advantage of the EyeToy as the sole control mechanism. As willing 'athletes' leap about the living room, they will be faced with a variety of sporting challenges. On the football front, there's a penalty shoot-out and a keepie-uppie type affair, as well as a more strategic 'Yellow Card' game. There's also a golf game called 'Hole In One', a rugby tackling level known as 'Rugby Crash', a horse-racing stage, and several more besides.

Whether U Move Super Sports manages to match the initial excitement of playing EyeToy Play or whether it flails like a drunken auntie attempting EyeToy Groove will remain to be seen. It's due out on PS2 this September.


Joji 28 Jun 2004 13:14
This is great news, first DDR and now this. Having a laugh and exercising at the same time. I'd buy it.

Now all we need is to get the kids and the government interested, and just maybe get some positive press for games over watching tv.
Alan is my first name 28 Jun 2004 19:37
I think they're insinuating something about Americans by making these type of games...
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