Exclusive: Last Ninja finished? Cale makes PlayStation 3 claim

It's better than Ninja Gaiden, honest?

Posted by Staff
As regular readers will be aware, SPOnG has been looking forward to the release of Last Ninja for current platforms for some time, being as we are ardent fans of the 8-bit series.

However, we can reveal today that the chances of the game seeing a release are slight at best, with Studio 3 chief Mark Cale making some of the most absurd claims about the state of the code, its future and possible release platform the industry will ever see.

Speaking exclusively to SPOnG, Cale tried to explain why the game still isn't in any serious state for release. "You see, the game looks amazing, better than any ninja game ever made," he bullishly claimed. "Ninja Gaiden simply doesn't compare, Last Ninja is far superior." This seemed strange to us, given that the Itagaki masterwork from Tecmo is widely believed to be one of the best-looking console games of all time.

However, Cale had more to say on the future of Last Ninja, trumping even his own Ninja Gaiden claim: "The game is simply too advanced technically for a release on current systems," he said. "So, we are going to release it on PlayStation 3 instead. This isn't any reflection on any delays, it's just that we want the game to be shown off in all its glory, and current systems simply couldn't handle it."

As you may be aware, the new Last Ninja game has been linked to a string of publishers - including Electronic Arts and Simon and Schuster - and was originally intended to hit retail mid last year. This date was pushed back to autumn and then it simply fell from view.

To date, four screenshots - said to be Xbox code - as well as a piece of (god awful) box art have been seen. There is also, according to the game's rap sheet, a GameCube version underway, though this is now likely to have been replaced with a Nintendo 'Revolution' SKU.

Understand that SPOnG brings this to your attention without any pleasure - we had been longing for a return to glory of Last Ninja, one of the most innovative UK game franchises of all time.


Joji 25 Jun 2004 12:27
Looks good but better looking than NG.....mmmm. Dunno about that. Nice to see there's a GC/NR version.

Nice to see a classic license being used. Just wish someone would use Shadow of the Beast again, wishful thinking.
config 25 Jun 2004 14:03
It usually fills my heart with glee to hear the talking heads claiming that their game is just soooo good that it'll have to use technology X or will change the way we think of genre Y .

Anyone remember a little game called Galleon? That one was so ambitious, so amazing that we had to wait an age for the greating thing since Lara. What a dudd that one turn out as.

Malice? Numerous dynamic real-time light sources and host of other guff meant it was sure to be an Xbox killer app during all the console's pre-launch lather. Odd that it came to PS2 first.

It a shame that the Last Ninja lineage should be corrupted in such a way.
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liquid graffiti 26 Jun 2004 21:15
Last Ninja better looking than NG ???? For the few screenshots, I'd say that's not true. Current machines can't handle the 'beauty' of Last Ninja ?? WTF ?? Someone must be smoking something. Simply say that your game is not ready instead of saying that when the PS3 releases, your game will do the same. So they need a better gaming console for it to produce in its full beauty this game ?? That's true my SNES emulator looks better when played from my Xbox or from my PC.
Arse McAdams 29 Jun 2004 08:54
According to GameSpot - http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/06/25/news_6101473.html - Mark Cale has never even spoken to you guys, and the game is coming out on PS2, so WTF are you on about?
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