Fresh Details on Star Wars: Battlefront

LucasArts sheds light on single player mode.

Posted by Staff
LucasArts' take on the style of epic FPS warmongering pioneered by Battlefield 1942 is taking shape nicely, with further details regarding single player mode leaking out over the weekend. The appeal of Battlefront will surely be its large scale multiplayer battles, but there will still be cause to take up arms in the absence of online competitors. There are three main modes for single player missions: 'Instant Action', 'Historical Campaign' and 'Galactic Conquest', which collectively incorporate the whole range of Star Wars environments and characters that feature in the multiplayer game.

Instant Action
This will be the equivalent of a quick start mode, whereby the player is put into a completely randomised battle as any of the four factions on any of the available planets.

Historical Campaign
This is set to be a structured series of 17 separate missions telling the story behind several of the most important battles in the history of the Star Wars universe. This includes a 'Clone Wars' campaign that pitches The Republic against the Separatist faction in a bid to control a small group of Republican planets, the Imperial invasion of Yavin, and the Rebel insurrection on Endor.

Galactic Conquest
This mode seems to be the best option for players who want to get involved in a full scale, long-term challenge. The objective is simple: to take over the entire galaxy, one planet at a time. The strategic decisions involved in doing this successfully should, however, afford welcome depth to the single player mode.

Star Wars Battlefront is due out on PC, PS2 and Xbox this coming September.


Deviluck 14 Jun 2004 12:11
i knew this info from a review in OPS2, still its looking great and i want it.
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