Halo 2?s Definitely Still Due on November 9

Confirmed release date restated.

Posted by Staff
As SPOnG reported back on May 11, Bungie?s long-awaited Halo 2 has been given a fixed, definite, sure-thing, concrete release date of November 9, 2004. Certain websites had suggested that this would be the US release date rather than the PAL European launch, but as promised, both versions will arrive on this date.

Halo 2 was certainly one of the stand-out titles at this year?s E3, and as the most eagerly anticipated game to hit the Xbox in the all-important run up to Christmas, it?s destined to sell quicker than mince, gift tags and red and white headgear put together.

Only another 123 days to go!


Brown Force 7 Jun 2004 13:55
Woo Hoo...awesome news!
mrnull 7 Jun 2004 14:18
I still don't believe it!

This game looks amazing though. I'm still playing Halo (1) with my friends!

These continual statements from MS are surely to ramp up pre-orders and hype about the game. The release of Halo 2 could be the biggest ever.

DoctorDee 7 Jun 2004 16:06
mrnull wrote:

>release of Halo 2 could be the biggest ever.

I think you ought to qualifiy that statement - "the biggest XBox launch ever". It's hardly likely to be the biggest launch ever... just imagine a Final Fantasy launch in Tokyo. Or Driv3r in our town... there'll be SPOnG staff queing round the block.

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