Quake IV to Miss QuakeCon Again!

Multiplayer carnage update mystery continues.

Posted by Staff
Quake IV to Miss QuakeCon Again!
We have learned this morning that Quake IV will again miss id Software?s QuakeCon event in Texas this August, crushing news for the impressively faithful fanbase the franchise enjoys.

The Raven Software co-developed title has been confirmed as absent from the FPS pilgrimage by id CEO Todd Hollenshead, speaking to CNN. Lead designer Tim Willits then stated, ?We've been happy with what Raven has done, but it's too early to show. We've been trying not to whip people into a frenzy with Quake IV. When we show the game, we want it to be something that's really impressive for the people who have been waiting for it."

Speaking of his fears for the eventual showing, Willits said, "The guys who love you the most are also the people who will blast you the hardest if you piss them off.?

So Quake IV becomes the latest big-name FPS that seems destined to reside in the doldrums of its development cycle for what'll seem like an eternity for some ? a shame indeed.


Joji 7 Jun 2004 11:50
Never mind. It's got so much to live up to, so it might as well try and deliver the goods. Too man FPS to concerntrate on now.
fabfiw2000 8 Jun 2004 10:56
Sounds like DNF syndrome to me...
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