Game-based Movie Mania continues at pace

Doom, Metroid, John Woo and more.

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Samus set for the big screen
Samus set for the big screen
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There has been an unprecedented cascade of movie related games news unleashed over the last few weeks. It’s now becoming quite a task to keep abreast of the latest goings on. The cinema and games industries have had an on-off relationship for a long time, but these flirtatious affairs are now starting to get a little heavy. Whilst the film industry has traditionally worn the trousers in this relationship, games-focused companies are now starting to warrant a bit more respect. Things are getting complicated.

The present situation seems slightly confused. There are plenty of publishers who love the prospect of a movie tie-in, there are people like John Woo who want to make films of games, there are studios that consult with video game designers for creative purposes and increasingly there are games that use top-notch Hollywood actors for character voice-overs. Then you have companies like Warner Bros. asking for specialist film-to-game contracts (whilst simultaneously canceling their game-to-film plans!), and you also have the whole industry gathering to hear Sony’s optimistic outlook on the way films and games should interact.

To summarise the more recent developments, here is some of the latest game to movie news:

Produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura and John Wells, it was revealed this afternoon that Warner Bros has decided not to make this film after all. Instead, Universal Pictures will be delivering it in mid-July.

Rainbow Six
It was announced this morning that John Woo, gaming’s 'biggest fan', has snatched up the rights to yet another game franchise. This time it’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six.

Spy Hunter
Last week, John Woo announced he would be making a film based on Spy Hunter, starring famous thespian wrestler The Rock.

John Woo really liked this game. In fact, he liked it so much he bought the whole movie rights.

Death Jr.
Little is known about Death Jr. the game or the film, except that it will definitely be in cartoon/animated form. It could be a pleasant surprise, it could be a magnificent anti-climax. Nobody knows for sure.

Final Fantasy
Following the relative success of the previous CGI cinema excursion, we’re promised another one along those lines. It will also be released onto UMD for PSP playback.


Nintendo King 4 Jun 2004 17:25
METROID MOVIE!?!?!?!? A METROID MOVIE!?!?!?!? YYYYEEEEESSSSS!!! That's some of the best news I've heard since that Legend of Zelda preview with the awesome graphics and the grown up Link.... so, I've been hearing alot of good news. Dude, this movie sounds soooo awesome, I'm going to see it first day no matter what! Peace.
Joji 4 Jun 2004 18:09
I think the news of a Rainbow Six movie is good, cause maybe in time we might get a MGS movie. John Woo obvious wants to make name for himself with these game to movie adaptions. If his company also makes some decent games, he's on to a winner. Along with Metroid and Spy Hunter, I pray he does a good job on all of em.

After MI2 I was worried, but I'll give him a chance because Face Off was a blinding film.
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crafty bison 4 Jun 2004 20:44
Nintendo King wrote:

>YYYYEEEEESSSSS!!! That's some of the best news
>I've heard.

Except it isn't news; it was revealed months ago. ;) Still, it sounds good.

kami 6 Jun 2004 07:28
I am a bit suspicious given the number of movies John Woo intends to do. But it will be interesting nevertheless to see our favourite gaming characters on the big screen.
mrnull 6 Jun 2004 08:20
Hell yeah, I hope the Woo comes out with a new game movie every 3 months. Although I personally feel he's fallen off a little since his old classics like "Hard Boiled," his mainstream mega-action direction would be great for game-to-movie transfers.

...metroid... rock!
fluffstardx 6 Jun 2004 08:31
He's not making them himself; he doesn't have the time for all that.

Like it said in the original newspiece about Metroid the movie, he has bought the rights for his company, and has assigned directors to them. He'll probably get an Executive Producer spot on them all; however, he has said he left a spot open to do Metroid himself.
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