Sci takes Control of Rogue Trooper

2000 AD in 2005 AD.

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How Piranha's Rogue Trooper used to look, pre-2000
How Piranha's Rogue Trooper used to look, pre-2000
Itís been a month since Rebellion revealed that it had acquired the rights for DC Comics - the home of 2000 AD - and now news of the first related title has been unearthed. SCi will be handling publishing and distribution duties, so expect to hear much more about these titles over the coming year. The first 'reccy' will be by Rogue Trooper, everyoneís favourite blue-skinned, genetically-engineered commando, who will be heading towards Xbox, PS2 and PC at some point in 2005, with other platforms yet to be confirmed.

The form of gameplay is still unknown, although the nature of Rogue Trooper would certainly lend itself to an FPS or action-blaster adventure. Even though fans will have to wait until 2005, it is assumed that the sci-fi setting illustrated in 2000 AD will retain its quasi-futuristic atmosphere. Even though that future was five years ago. Ho hum.


ohms 3 Jun 2004 15:55
um, I think it was fleetway they bought 2000AD from, a few years ago now, and Dredd vs. Death was the first game using IP from the comic.

They recently made a deal with DC comics (the home of Batman/Superman), to distribute in the US, to get the 2000AD characters out there a bit more, people only really know DREDD over there, and that's cos of the crappy Stalone flick.

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