Microsoft on Rare's DS Support

The saga ends as expected

Posted by Staff
Remember that absurd news doing the rounds recently, telling of several games for Nintendo?s DS in the works at the Microsoft-owned Rare development studio? Well, it?s complete poppycock. Some days ago, Microsoft released the following statement that somehow evaded our radar:

?Microsoft and its studios are focusing all efforts on developing quality games for the Windows and Xbox platforms. Neither Microsoft Game Studios or any of its developers are involved in developing games for DS at this time. Rare has developed, and is continuing to develop, Game Boy Advance games. At this time, there are no plans to support the DS.?

The truth is that the continued Game Boy Advance support stems from the sale agreement of Rare drawn up between Microsoft and Nintendo, which stipulated that certain GBA projects must be completed. It is unlikely that any mention of pre-conception DS was made.

Certain US Nintendo fansite editors really need to clean out their ears. Or stop eating Mexican fungi.

At this point, we should tip our hats to Nintendo Japan?s press office, and the crafty pen of a certain Yasuhiro Minagawa who, when we asked, ?Is Rare developing for the Nintendo DS?? replied, ?DS is a big hit with developers and many are either already developing games or looking at developing games. However, we are unable to confirm the details, including whether each specific company has entered into an agreement with Nintendo or not.?

Crafty, huh?


Intello Jello 2 Jun 2004 14:09
You see, we should all be reading proper analysis from proper industry websites:

I liked, " this, however, is the first indication that it will be continuing its development efforts into the next generation of Nintendo handheld hardware."

And "The news that a Microsoft Game Studios subsidiary is to work on a new Nintendo platform is less surprising than it might seem at first. Microsoft has repeatedly asserted that it has no ambitions in the handheld console market - but the company is still likely to want to see Nintendo's system triumph over Sony's entry into the market."

And of course, the brilliant conclusion: "As long as Nintendo continues to control the handheld market, that sector represents little threat to Microsoft - or so the conventional wisdom goes. On the other hand, should Sony grain a significant foothold in the market, it will give it a further advantage over Microsoft in the home console space, as the PSP is thought to be closely linked to the functionality of Sony's home systems." - Made up by a bloke in his bedroom.
Brown Force 2 Jun 2004 14:52
Meh, looking at Nintendos first party line up for the DS it doesn't really need Rare. In fact in my opinion any other title created by 3rd Party developers will just be a bonus now. Still I hope Square-Enix supports the DS...though its doubtful with Sony's strangle hold on them nowadays...sigh.
SilverDogg 2 Jun 2004 16:06
squenix already is developing for the ds.

who cares about rare? they dont make any good games anylonger anyway. all the good people left them long time ago.
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