Godzilla Dressed Like Solid Snake

MGS designer at the movies.

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Godzilla Dressed Like Solid Snake
As the realm of videogames continues to encroach on the territory of cinema, the two media are borrowing more and more from each other. Just as games developers employ actors to provide character voices, now movie makers are seeking the creative input of video game designers. Metal Gear Solid designer Yoji Shinkawa is the latest example. He will be working on the next Godzilla movie, named Final Wars. Godzilla is a big thing in Japan (in terms of popularity as well as physical size) and Shinkawa is enthusiastic about his new role: I never thought I would participate in the making of one of the Godzilla movies [] Theres nothing more satisfying for a Japanese man than that!. That seems like quite a sweeping statement, but well take his word for it.

Shinkawa will mainly be concentrating on the design of the undersea battleship, Atragon, so MGS disciples will probably recognise certain elements of the construction. The Earth Defence Force uniforms are also being designed by Shinkawa, so utility belts and breathing apparatus are expected to feature heavily. That said, Katsuya Terada, the Virtua Fighter designer, is also involved in the design process, so skimpy ninja uniforms might be the order of the day.

Godzilla Final Wars will be released in Japan in December, marking the big Gs 50th anniversary. It has also been reported that this will be the last Godzilla film for at least ten years, so nuclear uber-reptile fans are sure to swallow it whole.


omer48912 2 Jun 2004 11:51
Japanese sure have strange taste with all those anime films and some crap games (that are really weird). I saw some old Japanese films from 60s and they are ok, but most of the film that are made in Japan are total pants.
Joji 2 Jun 2004 17:48
True, maybe japanese folk have and do a lot of weird stuff. But it's not really any different from american folk dressing up as Hobbits for a LotR hollywood premier, or even Star Wars fans at their films premieres.

Media from any nation is capable of being crap. I've seen really bad anime, bad hollywood films (Battlefield Earth anyone) played bad games etc.

People from anywhere and everywhere are just strange in general. Or so we like to think.

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