Nintendo Confirms DS Launch Titles

First-party line-up takes shape

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Nintendo Confirms DS Launch Titles
Nintendo Confirms DS Launch Titles

First-party line-up takes shape

The DS' appearance at E3 hinted at some fairly obvious games for the Nintendo handheld, and now the official line-up of first party titles has been confirmed. The selection is largely as expected, but this ought to be sufficient to generate considerable consumer interest in time for the official launch later in the year. As long as Mario and Metroid are involved, quality is pretty much assured.

The official launch titles are as follows:

Animal Crossing DS
This should ably traverse the various functions of the DS with wi-fi chat facilities, stylus-manipulated customisation, extra menu displays and the traditional AC blend of bug catching and fossil hunting.

Mario Kart DS
It's Mario and friends precariously ensconced in miniature motor vehicles. Great things are hoped for.

Metroid: Hunters
Using the stylus control to emulate mouse like FPS controls and tapping the screen to fire weapons should lend the Metroid series an extra twist of 'DS-ness'.

'New' Super Mario Bros. Game
A totally new Mario game, possibly related to the E3 demo of a baby Mario falling through the sky, with players 'drawing' clouds to cushion his fall.

Definitely by Nintendo and probably involving dogs - little more is known about this title at present.

This software will utilise the stylus and wi-fi functions, facilitating anything from amateur Pictionary, to slanderous back-row-of-the-classroom maths lesson rudeness sessions.

Super Mario 64x4
As promised, a four-player Mario game, closely related to its N64 counterpart.

WarioWare DS
A double dose of crazy mini-game shenanigans, this is sure to emphasise the DS' novelty value

Expect more news on all things DS as soon as it becomes available.


Pandaman 1 Jun 2004 19:07
It's official!

I'm broke!
Nintendo King 2 Jun 2004 05:11
Man, am I going to be broke this fall or winter or whenever it comes out. I don't care, I need this system, or so it seems so far. Animal Crossing DS and Pictochat look awesome so far, and I'm also a huge Wario Ware fan. We'll see what happens.
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Brown Force 2 Jun 2004 08:42
Now thats a very strong first party line up!

It's official for me, I'm buying on launch. Hell I might even import one from America, as I don't think I can wait for a European release! Just hope there ain't any regional locks on them which I doubt...
iMac 2 Jun 2004 09:33
im getting it for the bomberman title thats avalable on it, obiosly ill get outher games but im buying that first

Im so tipical
Joji 2 Jun 2004 17:30
A good all round selection for launch. Rpg, puzzle drivning, fps, plus more. Looks like I too will be broke, because I'll need Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and Metroid.

I'm interested to see what Nintendogs will be, since more new Nintendo games are needed. I'm sure this list will grow with other games in time.

Pandaman 2 Jun 2004 22:14
Is it possible to have TOO good of a starting lineup? It seems Nintendo is going to cannabalize their sales if they release six AAA titles on the same day.
mrnull 3 Jun 2004 05:17
I wonder if the DS will maintain the GameBoy's long-running regionless glory. If so, you guys should be able to important come Christmas and not think twice.

>It seems Nintendo is going to cannabalize
>their sales if they release six AAA titles on the
>same day.

The only thing that bothers me are Metroid Hunters and Mario 64x4. The latter is nothing more than a tech-demo to pimp the DS' Wi-Fi capabilities. If it was going to be so great then I doubt they'd bother releasing another unnamed red plumber title.

As for Metroid Hunters... what the hell is up with the control scheme. Amazing gameplay aside, the non-traditional controls in Prime pissed me off. Now they want us to tap the screen?

I'm also sorry to see that Pictochat won't be part of the handheld's pre-loaded software as internet speculation suggested. Would have been great not to pay $50 (so guesses GameStop) for it.

Just my pessemistic opions though. I'll still buy it :)
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