Free Chicken For Crimson Skies Owners

Downloadable content taxis for take off

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Microsoft has released a platter of downloadable goodies to enhance the entertaining air-bound antics of Crimson Skies for Xbox. There are three new planes - the Firebrand, the Hellfire and the Vampire; two new levels - Badlands and the Lost Plateau; and two new multiplayer modes, adding further depth to the Live! Enabled dog-fighting.

While the extra vehicles and levels are basically superficial additions, the new multiplayer modes are considerably more intriguing. The first of these is called 'Gunheist', which requires teamwork in hijacking three gun emplacements before peppering the skies with flak until there's no one left.

The second is called 'Chicken Pox' which has players plummeting and looping through the skies in the hope of collecting, erm, chickens. These are no ordinary chickens though, these are octane-fuelled battery farming chickens with the power to improve and repair the performance of the pilot's chosen plane. Once these high-grade chickens are safely on-board, the task predictably reverts to shooting down anything else that moves. But woe betide any target that wanders through a crosshair without this poultry protection - for them, it's giblet time.

This free-range of delicious additional content is available via Xbox Live! as of this week.


Funky 1 Jun 2004 21:40
I have nothing of interest to say on this topic, so I'll just do a little dance.


There we go.
config 2 Jun 2004 03:05
Why thank you.

I had Chicken Pox last year. It wasn't very pleasant. I was 31 for f**k's sake. How the hell have I managed to avoid this vicious little Herpes variant for so long? As if being riddled with sores and itching like a mofo wasn't bad enough, I passed the virus on to my 6 month old daughter. She wasn't very happy <guilt>.

Funny thing is, and I use that term loosely, there's a vaccination for the Pox, but the bloody goverment are to tight arsed to use the bugger. They'd rather workers took a month off sick and suffer complications with Shingles or worse in later life. Short sighted t**ts.

There. Nothing to do with Crimson Pies, or whatever it's called, but it was slightly more on topic then doing a little dance.
micta 2 Jun 2004 11:23
Funky wrote:

>I have nothing of interest to say on this topic,
>so I'll just do a little dance.
>There we go.

Mmm, them's some nice moves you got there, Funky - shake yer moneymaker!

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