Lamborghini FX Goes Crazy

Sophisticated engineering with power-ups.

Posted by Staff
Titus Interactive have recently announced that their Milestone game Lamborghini FX is heading for a European release this summer. Milestone is one of the leading Italian development studios, and Lamborghinis are pure class, so this could turn out to be a very sassy, sophisticated affair. With all that cultured European influence, it might be expected that Lamborghini FX involves well-measured driving and balanced race tactics, as players stylishly navigate the back-streets of Tuscan villages and the hill-tops of Provence. But no, this harks back to Titus? earliest racing game, Crazy Cars.

There are Nitro-boost pick-ups, weapons, donuts, jumps, 2-wheel driving and loop-the-loops. Yes, that?s right, Lamborghinis nitro boosting around loop-the-loops whilst power-sliding away from oncoming missiles. Cer-razy. In some ways, it?s a shame that the ?wacky races? angle has been opted for: there would be many Lamborghini-philes who would rather have a subtle simulation of the Italian legend. Alas, there?s not much scope for that here, and the emphasis looks like it's on the latest breed of Lambos too, with the exception of the Muira: there are no Urracos, Jaramas or Espadas in evidence from the images we've seen so far. But now that Rage?s once-promising Lamborghini title has been shelved for good, this will have to satisfy those with Countach-based ambitions. It will be worth a giggle at the very least.

Lamborghini FX will be available for Xbox, PS2, GameCube, Game Boy Advance and PC this summer.


Joji 26 May 2004 10:01
Isn't this game the one that was suppose to come from Rage before they shut down? Looks good and I'm glad it's coming out still.
Funky 26 May 2004 11:13
Yeah I think it is, it was picked up by a different company after Rage went bust. I'm not liking the Destruction Derby style gameplay though, I want to drive Lambos properly, seeing as though GT4 doesn't have them...
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eracer 26 May 2004 11:40
This is _not_ the game that was developed by the former Rage studio. As the article correctly states, that title was shelved although an Xbox demo was released in March 2003 by OXM. The former Rage team is currently working on a new street racing title available this September.
config 26 May 2004 12:16
Titus have licenced the Lamborghini name in the past. Just do a quick search and you'll see that they've release a couple of Lambo titles for Amiga/CD32 and N64.

mrnull 26 May 2004 15:38
Funky wrote:

> I'm not
>liking the Destruction Derby style gameplay

I definately agree with you there. While not always true, it seems like developers just reach these gimmicks when their efforts for gameplay and handling have fallen through. Why lisence lambroghini's if you're gonna blow them up? In spite of all this mess, it'd be cool if there was X-BOX LIVE support.
Mecha Ghandi 26 May 2004 15:55
At least the wacky factor is nicely over the top. It could have gone the way of 'underground street racing' with motion blur bla bla bla

It looks to me like F-Zero with Lambos in it, and that's a good thing, innit?
sue_raas 27 May 2004 10:32
eracer wrote:

>This is _not_ the game that was developed by the
>former Rage studio. As the article correctly
>states, that title was shelved although an Xbox
>demo was released in March 2003 by OXM. The
>former Rage team is currently working on a new
>street racing title available this September.

I recall having a thrash on the Rage-developed Lamborghini game at ECTS a couple of years ago. No matter how much spiel scouse PR bloke Des O'Connor (now at EA) gave it, it were crap. Let's hope this is better. It's coming out for GBA & GameCube too, which is a nice surprise.
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