Fat Snowman Monster Sports

Anyone for Yetisports Deluxe?

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Fat Snowman Monster Sports
In light of the success of the recent Yetisports Flash games that have been circulating the net for sometime, JoWood has secured a deal that will see the games brought to the PC platform on CD-ROM.

Considering most of the games to be released are already widely available for free, we have to wonder just how the European publisher plans to make a profit if it is to put them on CD at a cost to consumers.

The Deluxe PC version will include all the Internet games published so far, plus Super Pingu Throw Wind Challenge, Ice Bear Attack, Yeti Slot Machine and Super Orca Slap.

If you need more Yeti sports based information, it is available at www.yeti-games.com


Joji 20 May 2004 17:59
JoWood, lucky they were not called JosWoody.....lol, crap joke corner. Sorry JoWood.

I don't buy it, but I'm sure some will. Jowood you need a little something else besides this to get folks attention.

Well if the money they get from selling furry snowmen games, gives them dollars to make something better good luck to them. I'm not interested though.
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