Timesplitters Future Perfect Revealed

It's not just Timesplitters 3, you know...

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Shot from TS2
Shot from TS2
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One of EAís most eagerly anticipated titles at this yearís E3 must be the third game in Free Radicalís Timesplitters series (available on PS2, Xbox and GC). Predictably, it will follow the adventures of Cortez as he seeks to eliminate those pesky time-splitting fiends from the history books. It should all be as expected: single player and co-op modes, 16 player death-matches, online play and a fun-packed Arcade mode. It is claimed to contain several hundred hours worth of action, which is just about believable thanks to the proven longevity of its prequel.

The most exciting feature, feeding from PS2ís online support, has to be the new and improved Map Editor. Players will be able to create their own levels, and then invite other online folk to step in for a rumble. This feature will of course also take advantage of a healthy library of pre-designed levels for those less creatively inclined.

Expect more hype-mongering over the course of next week, and the finished product some time at the start of 2005.


ray_tugley 7 May 2004 12:22
whatever happened to Timesplitters 2.5?
Funky 7 May 2004 13:11
Oh goody, a map editor, just what we need - more cubular grey warehouses to walk around.

The Timesplitters map editor blew my PS2 up, Sony had to fix it.
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config 7 May 2004 16:14
Funky wrote:

>Oh goody, a map editor, just what we need - more
>cubular grey warehouses to walk around.

Cool. I loved Cubular Bells that that crumbly old fart did for the Exorcist. Cubular Bells 2 & 3 sounded the same, though...

Anyway, everyone knows that fan-built maps are the life blood of PC games. If only Sony had a great online infrastructure where TS2.5, sorry, TS3 fans could upload and share their maps groovy maps. That would rock. What a concept, ay?

>The Timesplitters map editor blew my PS2 up, Sony
>had to fix it.

That's nothing. Rockstar ate my hamster, and Codemasters had to pay out millions in damages. Now I own their asses.

scanman 8 May 2004 21:11
Ray Tugley wrote:

>whatever happened to Timesplitters 2.5?

Thats the top secret internal work in progress project name, isnt it?
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