Exclusive: TimeSplitters 3 at E3 Set to Stun as Progress Grinds to a Halt

Dubbed TS 2.5 by insiders, doubts emerge en masse.

Posted by Staff
We can reveal this morning that EA is in crisis talks with Free Radical Design over the progress of the recently-signed TimeSplitters 3, with the game simply not existing at this moment in time.

Known to EA insiders as TimeSplitters 2.5, the latest build submitted is simply TimeSplitters 2 with a little attention paid to an enhanced multiplayer mode, which in itself has been the cause of some complaint.

The build, currently with Electronic Arts in the US, has almost nothing changed from the last incarnation of the game. "We are all just calling it TimeSplitters 2.5 because that is what it is, not even that, perhaps", we were told by our source, who of course prefers to remain anonymous. "The game has had some attention paid to the multiplayer aspect, but even this seems to have missed the point entirely. For instance, there's one weapon, a single-shot-kill laser-style sniper that hits every time as [FRD] hasn't yet given the option to have the auto-aim switchable."

Our insider continued, "The images about to hit the press are not reflective of the game, and the actual truth that the game, in terms of it being no different from the last TimeSplitters, is being kept quiet. I donít know how we are going to manage it at E3."

All will be revealed at this month's E3.


config 4 May 2004 13:11
Ouch! Now this one has got to hurt. Maybe someone at EA hasn't played TS2 and just didn't notice there was no difference. LOL.

Now, Free Radical are currently working on Second Sight ATM, right? Maybe they figured they could foist this stuff off on EA and get on with something new and intersting. I guess they've been rumbled and are going to have to get on with TS3.

TS2.5 Heh.

gbomber 4 May 2004 19:28
nah, FRD isn't the type of company to do this.

gotta be crap, I've seen the images, and they don't look anything like these. and misleading the press with images? very outdated practice...
scanman 5 May 2004 11:45
gbomber wrote:

>nah, FRD isn't the type of company to do this.

Any company would do that if they thought they could get away with it

>gotta be crap, I've seen the images, and they
>don't look anything like these.

Youve seen TS2.5 (!) images? Weel theres a caption at the bottom of the images on the news story that says "shots from TS2". Now dont you look stupid!

> and misleading the press with images?
> very outdated practice...

Apart from all the mockups that get peddled as ingame shots early in development!!! It happens all the time.

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