Electronic Arts Confirm DS and PSP Support

DS schedule not mentioned, ominously enough.

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FIFA - a safe bet for PSP & DS?
FIFA - a safe bet for PSP & DS?
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Nintendo and Sony were both in receipt of good news yesterday with Electronic Arts announcing that they will be backing both companies' upcoming portable machines, the DS and PSP respectively. EA also confirmed that its support of Nintendo Game Boy Advance is to continue through to March 2005.

No specific titles were mentioned for either machine - indeed, the schedule for the DS was not mentioned at all - but CEO Larry Probst and CFO Warren Jensen did reveal tentative plans for between four and six PSP titles for release in the fiscal year 2005. This revelation ties in nicely with the proposed launch of the PSP, in that - if things go as planned - EA will have at least a handful of titles ready to buy at the machine's launch. As for the DS titles, we can only wait for more substantial news. Are we to read anything into the lack of detail offered by Probst and Jensen regarding the DS schedule? Time will tell, but Nintendo hearts (and head honchos) will no doubt be happy/relieved to know that the number one publisher is behind their upcoming portable.

As soon as we find out about these mystery titles from Electronic Arts, we'll let you know.


sue_raas 30 Apr 2004 13:12
I don't have anything to say about the news piece, but what is that on that players shirt? It looks a bit rude, have you guys been messing sround in Photoshop or is it genuine? I have a right to know!
Alan is my first name 30 Apr 2004 21:42
Silly Sue, everyone knows European people go around wearing shirts with rude sayings on them! Assuming they even wear a shirt...uh...

Well, I guess I'm excited about this as much as anyone can be about a vauge announcement for two systems that nobody knows anything about.

But you know, anything I can do to help EA bring in casual gamers who don't know Mario from Madden and are persuading companies to produce and fill up store shelves with crap games in two months just to get this audience's money is pretty much okay with me.
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Arthur Storey 30 Apr 2004 22:29
No,Spong hasnt been doctoring screens. The Wankdorf-sponsored shirt belongs to a Swiss club called Young Boys of Bern. Consider the name of the club and their sponsor and you open up a world of comedic possibilities. Wankdorf is actually the name of the club's stadium and we can look forward to Gary Lineker and Gabby Yorath mentioning it by name when Euro 2008, hosted by Austria and Switzerland rolls around. Try to stifle those sniggers now...

Look here: http://www.uefa.com/uefa/euro2008/index,newsId=116099.html
Anthony Palmer 2 May 2004 08:19
Thats great news! Now we might see ports of Quake, MOH and some sweet 007 games. YAY!
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