Incredible Game Boy Advance Final Fantasy row unfolds as new game confirmed!

Square Enix explains portable RPG soap opera

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Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy III
In a revealing interview in the current issue of Japanese Dengeki GameCube magazine, the exact future of the Final Fantasy series for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance has come to light, with Square Enix making incredible claims as to the emergence of various new software.

In an interview worryingly reminiscent of the troubled era of Final Fantasy VII, when SquareSoft and Nintendo parted ways, Square Enix lead producer Takashi Tokita explains how Final Fantasy III almost made it to Game Boy Advance. "Nintendo wanted us to update Final Fantasy III for the GBA and bring it to the western market," he said. "However, with our current development commitments, this was too much for us to cope with. Nintendo put pressure on us to release the title but we had to resist. We resolved the problem after a lot of negotiating."

In related news of a far more positive kind, Tokita-san confirmed that work on Final Fantasy I and II is over halfway complete for the Game Boy Advance and is expected to be released in the US and Europe early next year and this summer in Japan.

He also revealed that an entirely new game in the series is in development right now that will be exclusive to the GBA. He made no mention as to the content of the game, other than to state that the planning was complete and it was a "very exciting project."

We'll bring you more on this in the coming months. Stay tuned.


cyberwrat 24 Apr 2004 16:14
Well let's see if they can get their act together and see a good title for the gba. I love the titles they've come out with but let's see the technology put to the test with an original title.
And if they make it compatible with the gc that would be a nice addition too.

Skysharks forever!!!
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