Canadian Development Studio says "GoodKnight Nintendo"

Silicon Knights cuts exclusivity ties.

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Shot from Eternal Darkness
Shot from Eternal Darkness
Allegedly a mite miffed at having to polish up PlayStation's Metal Gear Solid for release as The Twin Snakes for GameCube, developer Silicon Knights has announced the end of its exclusivity agreement with Nintendo. Studio president Denis Dyack told IGN, "Silicon Knights and Nintendo have agreed to mutually part ways." Dyack went on to explain that "'s possible that we may do another game with Nintendo, actually. It just means that we've decided to break our exclusivity with Nintendo." This sentiment was echoed by an official from Nintendo, stating, "Nintendo respects the creative work of Silicon Knights, and the parties have left the door open to work on future projects that meet the creative vision of both companies."

All very civilised and amicable, then. The studio that brought us the splendid Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is now free to develop games for PC, and Sony and Microsoft consoles. It's too soon to forecast what may come next from Silicon Knights, and no games have been announced as yet. There was a game in the pipeline in 1999 for PlayStation dubbed Too Human - perhaps that'll get a re-vamp, or possibly an Eternal Darkness sequel across the platforms...maybe even GameCube. We shall see.


mattSix 14 Apr 2004 14:16
it's a shame that SK didn't get the commercial success they deserved for Eternal Darkness.

hopefully, they'll find the volume of sales they need by developing for multiple platforms without sacrificing the attention to detail they've become known for amongst those cube owners who appreciated their talents.
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