PSP Final Fantasy Double Pack to Ignite E3?

Rumour mill throws up a beauty.

Posted by Staff
A shot of Final Fantasy VII. Sephiroth and Co to return?
A shot of Final Fantasy VII. Sephiroth and Co to return?
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According to reports surfacing this morning from Japan, Sony and RPG behemoth Square Enix will be showing two Final Fantasy games for the PSP.

The first is said to be a port of an as-yet unnamed PSOne title, though nothing more was mentioned as to which it may be. Fans of the series will no doubt be praying for an updated Final Fantasy VII outing - without question one of the most popular incarnations to date.

Its accompanying title is said to be an all-new game in the series, though again, nothing concrete as to its content was mentioned. However, it is alleged that the new title will link with Final Fantasy XII for PlayStation 2.

Although it would appear that the rumours surfaced on one website's E3 predictions page, various Japanese sources are carrying the news at this time, with some claiming corroboration from SE.

Itís almost too much to take on board after a long weekend. Expect something rather juicy at this yearís E3...


Deviluck 13 Apr 2004 11:02
Excellent news, FF7, i cannot wait. Although not confirmed, still is a hope. Hey got any E3 tickets spare???
Falien 13 Apr 2004 11:22
Hmm, wasn't that long ago that PS2 fanboys sneered at Nintendo's GC-to-GBA connectivity feature. I wonder if they're changing their minds now... ;)
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Joji 13 Apr 2004 11:32
Looks like Sony think it's a good idea, but i guess they can see that and eat humble pie, even if Nintendo got there first. Even Microsoft are getting in on the connectivity lark too. A good thing for the man in the street.

A FF game being released next to PSP would not surprise me at all, since it will have that Tetris like effect and help shift units. If that's the case then I'll be buying.
DoctorDee 13 Apr 2004 14:11
Deviluck wrote:

>Excellent news, FF7, i cannot wait. Although not
>confirmed, still is a hope. Hey got any
>E3 tickets spare???

Not only do we not have any spare, but our Editor, Stef, failed to fax his credentials off in time, so he might be outside looking for a tout come May 13th.
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