Playboy Lingerie Model Sues Over Backyard Wrestling Game

Mud wrestling beer hawker outraged at videogame depiction - ladies and gentlemen, the "high-class" Kitana Baker.

Posted by Staff
Playboy Lingerie Model of the Year Kitana Baker is suing the makers of Backyard Wrestling over the use of her likeness in Eidos Interactive's Don't Try This at Home game, complaining that she was "tricked" into signing an open-ended usage agreement.

Ms Baker states that she agreed to perform a striptease-style dance for a promotional video aimed at pushing home entertainment products, but was not aware that she would be depicted in promotional material for this particular game. She was also quite astute in the her contract, wherein she demanded "...that the entire video was going to be done in a high-class manner and would not be in any way graphic." She also said she would partake in no wrestling herself, as it may damage her credibility.

Which seems a little strange, given that across the US at the moment, Baker is the star of one of the most infamous commercials to hit network television, appearing in the controversial Miller Lite Catfight ad, which depicts her wrestling with another woman in a fountain of mud over an argument stemming from a difference of opinion over the relative attributes of said beverage.

What's more, Baker has demanded $1 million in damages - luckily for Eidos - from Backyard Wrestling Inc.

In closing, we would have imagined that Ms Baker's reason for refusing to wrestle would have been her reluctance to be tarred, then feathered, then have lightbulbs smashed over her head. Ho-hum.

More strange stuff from the United States of Litigation soon.


Ray Tugley 24 Mar 2004 15:31
Yeah, gimme a scantily-clad chick first thing in the morning! Good show!

Backyard Wrestling - the real thing - is some brutal s**t. If the game is a reflection of what happens in the ring (barbwire knuckeldusters, bent nail-ridden pieces of 2X4, shards of broken mirriors) then it's on my wants list for sure. I've seen the advertisement in question too. She's a hot chick alright, but obviously a slave to DP.
Ray Tugley 24 Mar 2004 15:37
Ray Tugley wrote:

>>She's a hot chick alright, but obviously a slave
>to DP.

By the way, by DP, i mean Dual Principles. Sorry!

Rod Todd 24 Mar 2004 16:09
Ray Tugley wrote:

>bent nail-ridden pieces of 2X4, shards of broken

Dude, Most Playboy Lingerie models are not too worried about bent nails. They carry pocket manicure sets with them.
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