Pokemon Bonanza on the Way

Nintendo bundle of fun comes to Europe.

Posted by Staff
Nintendo of Europe recently announced it will release a Pokemon Colosseum GameCube package on May 14, priced at 160Euros/109. The bundle will include Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon Box, GameCube GBA Cable, Memory Card 251 and the GameCube console.


sue_raas 17 Mar 2004 14:09
Free box? Thanks Nintendo!
Joji 18 Mar 2004 13:20
Never mind the free box or copy of Pokemon. It would be so much nicer if Nintendo would give away an extra control pad with it, and any other GC bundles. Then i could use that extra money on a large bottle of vodka, and have some mates round for an evening of Mario Kart DD and Mario Party 5. These games are that much better after you had a few drinks, especially and including Super Monkeyball.
Xybyt 18 Mar 2004 20:10
Here's an idea, instead of Nintendo remaking the same crappy game from the N64 as they've been doing for the last five years or so (the game in itself a better-graphics carbon copy of the GBA in-game fight sequences) why the hell don't they do something original and give us all the console Pokemon RPG we all deserve?!?

I mean, seriously, are we supposed to jump for joy because they are now giving us our favourite monsters on the Gamecube? I guess we should all be grateful they aren't trying to make us all take pictures of them all anymore (Wow! I got them all, I really got them all...in the centre of the frame), but this still just feels like Nintendo re-hashing the same old code on a new system and not doing anything to satisfy the gamers.

*pant* *wheeze* gee, y'know, I feel so much better now, I guess, I guess that's been building up inside all these years...
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