GameCube 2 to miss E3 as current-gen software line-up takes shape

Zelda, Animal Crossing and more confirmed

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Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing
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In the comedy wake of some absurd reports surfacing over last week foretelling a five-game show plan for Nintendo at this year's E3, the firm's Japanese head office has made some frank statements as to the games that will be on display.

According to Nintendo, Animal Crossing and Wind Waker sequels will be seen at the show, as well as the latest incarnation of Mario Tennis.

Other games mentioned include a new Mario RPG and Metroid Prime 2 for GameCube, as well as Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green for GBA.

No mention as of this point in time as to the possibility of seeing the long-awaited Mario 128, though the game is almost a certainty for the show. Indeed, if Nintendo again fails to mention its most anticipated title in development for a second consecutive year, huge questions will be raised as to the future of the somewhat mythical game.

Nintendo also stated that the GameCube successor currently in the works will not be seen in any form at the LA show, due to take place mid May.

Stay tuned for full updates in the coming weeks.


sue_raas 8 Mar 2004 15:20
almondVanHelsing 8 Mar 2004 18:39
Who Ray?
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Rod Todd 8 Mar 2004 19:05
Dude, are you serious. Last week it was all "There will never be a GameCube 2".

thIS WEEK, IT'S ALL "sHOCK [f**kign CAPs LOCK] horror - GameCUbe 2 not to be at E3 in a monthsd time.

Can't you guys make up your mind? Will there be a GC2, or won't there? Or do you not have a clue, and you're just making this all up as you go along?
almondVanHelsing 8 Mar 2004 19:12
Will the Gamecube 2 be half as big? And with a shoulder strap this time?

Everybody know fasionable handbags are really small this year. And should be black. With a shoulder strap.
Rod Todd 9 Mar 2004 08:26
almondVanHelsing wrote:

>Everybody know fasionable handbags are really
>small this year. And should be black. With a
>shoulder strap.

Dude, how's it a purse (arm bag for you euros) without a shoulder strap? Without a shoulder strap it's a wallet, or a pouch, or a GameCube.

If GameCube NG/XP/2/whatever is going to be two times as small, does this mean that they are going to introduce a newer, even smaller, even higher density (Blue Laser) disc? Or are they going to leapfrog Microsoft in the doing away with essential hardware stakes, and not have ANY optical media at all, and you download each game you buy over the poly-global interweb, and store it on a flash card.

All this and more is ossible.
METH 15 Mar 2004 22:12
is it just me or nintendo is always releasing the same f*cking games??? can't they try new things... just an idea...maybe there console would sell better.
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