PC Phantasy Star Online beta testing begins

Popular RPG set for desktop revival.

Posted by Staff
Sega has announced that beta testing of the PC version of Phantasy Star Online Episodes I and II has begun in Japan. Building on previous ports of the Dreamcast original, the new version of the MMORPG is to be blessed with mouse and keyboard controls, and will boast a series of hotkeys for convenient gameplay. The game will be based on the recent Xbox port and will play host to a multitude of additional quests.

More importantly, player and character information will be stored on Sega's very own servers in order to prevent cheating - a problem that is rife in the world of online RPGs.

So far there is no word of a Japanese release date, though given PSO's commencement of beta testing, sometime in 2004 is likely. Sega has yet to confirm a western release. We'll keep you posted.


Richard Oxer 27 Feb 2004 13:09
Great RPG - but crap when it came to communicating, especially with DC and GameCube versions.

Can't wait to see this one come our way.
bbam 28 Feb 2004 15:54
dyne wrote:

>Great RPG - but crap when it came to
>communicating, especially with DC and GameCube
>Can't wait to see this one come our way.

Yeah very true althought the xbox version solves the communication issue but I havent played on it since the day i bought it because i completed the DC origional and couldent be botherd with episode 2
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