Mini TimeSplitters FAQ Reveals All-Console Plans!

GameCube keeps nose in as Nintendo-loving development team announces format plans.

Posted by Staff
Free Radical Design has updated its frequently asked questions page to include the news that TimeSplitters III, the latest instalment of the excellent FPS as recently signed by publishing giant Electronic Arts, will hit all consoles, including GameCube.

The updated FAQ reads:

Q: At the end of TimeSplitters 2 it says 'TimeSplitters will return... Does this mean there will be a sequel?

A: Yes, the sequel to TimeSplitters 2 is currently in development.

Q: Which platforms will the new TimeSplitters game be released on?

A: PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox.

Q: Which versions of the new TimeSplitters game will include online features?

A: These decisions have yet to be finalised.

Q: Are Free Radical Design working on any other games at the moment?

A: Yes we are, but rather than disappoint people with long development times and broken promises, we prefer not to talk about our future products until we have something to show, and a good idea about how long it will take us to get it finished.

Nintendo gamers will probably feel like they have a divine right to any future TimeSplitters game, given that the series is the spiritual successor to the Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye all good news indeed.


Soong 25 Feb 2004 12:47
They've actually just announced the other game they're working on, called Second Sight.
TigerUppercut 25 Feb 2004 15:08
To be published by Activision by all accounts...

It's quite ironic that EA is dusting off GoldenEye at the same time...
config 26 Feb 2004 11:19
TigerUppercut wrote:

>To be published by Activision by all accounts...
>It's quite ironic that EA is dusting off
>GoldenEye at the same time...

While EA have licensed the 007 IP, would they not get a kicking from Nintendo if they attempted to re-make the N64 GoldenEye? I mean, anyone could and has made an FPS in the mould of GoldenEye, but to then call it GoldenEye may make some people a bit twitchy.

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