The Rumour That Wouldn’t Die. Final Fantasy VII set to Return!

This time as a Devil May Cry-style action game?

Posted by Staff
According to Japanese gossip, Final Fantasy VII, arguably the most beloved of the massively successful RPG series, is set to return in a radically different guise.

Gossip has intimated, seemingly in the wake of rumours spreading around the AOU Show last week, that the game could be an action title in the vein of Capcom’s Devil May Cry, starring Cloud from FFVII.

If any of this is for real, it would go down well with Final Fantasy’s fanbase, and sit comfortably with Square Enix’s apparent rediscovery of the franchise that has already seen the announcement of a CG movie for release on DVD.

Other talk hints that the game may well be Square Enix’s PSP launch title, with the firm unable to deliver a full-scale RPG for day one release and instead opting for a relatively painless action outing.

Of course, it's all rumour at this point, and no one is saying anything yet, though we can expect to find out one way or another at this May’s E3.


dyne 24 Feb 2004 12:16
It would be good to see a FFVII follow-up of some kind, but Square Enix isn't renowned for its action games... time will tell.
TigerUppercut 25 Feb 2004 10:39
I'd have to disagree. The Bouncer was an amazing game - a shining star of early PlayStation 2 development, as was Driving Emotion Type S.*

*Not actually true
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