Microsoft Game Studios? Latest GBA Offering ? Fresh Wulf Screens Inside!

Hark back to the good old days...

Posted by Staff
It seems strange that a Microsoft Game Studios subsidiary is still knocking out Game Boy Advance games, but such is the way of massive corporate deals. Anyway, to the point: the latest batch of screens from the Rare-developed Sabre Wulf have been released by publisher THQ.

Sabre Wulf is amongst the most beloved of games, and the announcement of this re-tooling sent shockwaves of joy through the 8-Bit fan communities.

Sabre Man rides again, this time charged with hunting down the magic amulet that's been split into eight pieces, and scattered across his quirky world. Sabre Wulf progresses in a Metroid style, with Sabre Man gaining new abilities enabling him to access the deeper confines of the game. Once the tasks at hand are completed, a showdown with the Sabre Wulf ensues.

It's classic stuff, and it hits the GBA across Europe on March 12.


el rey 19 Feb 2004 19:52
8-bit fan communities?
Do you mean that one Amish guy who uses an NES as breadbox?
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