Metal Slug 3 for Xbox takes shape

Live support, extra levels and more inside

Posted by Staff
Metal Slug X - PSX
Metal Slug X - PSX
SNK Neo Geo has announced a version of Metal Slug 3 for Xbox following the recently reported debacle at Sony Computer Entertainment America, wherein the PlayStation 2 version was knocked back at point of alpha submission.

The Xbox version will come complete with an Xbox Live driven global leaderboard - which is nice - as well as a batch of extra levels and unlockable features - which is even nicer...

Here's SNK's Ben Herman making an impressively corporate statement. For added authenticity read it in your head with a Goodfellas-style New York gangster accent.

"The Metal Slug franchise has always been a consumer favourite. Now Xbox owners will be able to compete nationally to see who's best on this faithful arcade adaptation."

As the US version is scheduled to ship in May this year, expect a European release at some point over the summer.


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