Goldeneye Hackers Unearth Fabled Hidden Level! Screens Included

Amazing determination sees six-year hunt end in triumph.

Posted by Staff
From the moment GoldenEye was released for the Nintendo 64 six years ago, devotees of the game have been convinced that a secret level - Citadel - was hidden away within the code. This stemmed from early builds of the game being shown to press and loose-lipped Nintendo representatives at this time.

Rare was adamant that it was all myth ? "Citadel was a very rough test level designed during the early stages of multiplayer mode. It's not in the finished game in any shape or form, and Oddjob and Mayday wouldn't be in it if it was," the Rare statement went.

However, the accompanying screens prove that the level does indeed exist. Although rough and loosely textured, Citadel does capture an essential GoldenEye vibe, and must bring back fond memories to the game?s creators.

Speaking to us this morning, chief engineer and renowned hard-code genius Steve Ellis - now of Free Radical Design - though unable for legal reasons able to comment on the find, did state, "All I can say is well done to those that found it!" Sentiments surely echoed by all those who stayed up late into the night playing one of the greatest videogames ever made.

Images courtesy of Detstar GoldenEye Project. Read about how they uncovered the Citadel at


omer48912 11 Feb 2004 18:01
This game brings back happy memories of my nintendo64 which is best ever console (by the way I still have mine which works perfectly unlike my ps2 which broke after 2 years).
Krijy 12 Feb 2004 08:43
You can find a better explaination of the codes at:

That's where I originally posted the codes I hacked that allow you to see the secret BETA level: Citadel.

There are also lots of codes being hacked that allow you to play 1 player mission levels in multiplayer, just like any other multiplayer level.
Ray Tugley 15 Feb 2004 20:40
>There are also lots of codes being hacked that
>allow you to play 1 player mission levels in
>multiplayer, just like any other multiplayer

So, Krijy, your work on GEye is not finished?

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