Samurai Spirits Zero Special – First Screens!

Revised gameplay and extra characters revealed as console version still in doubt.

Posted by Staff
SNK Playmore has released the first batch of screens taken from the Neo Geo MVS arcade Samurai Spirits Zero Special, the revised edition of the 2D hack ‘em up coin-op released last year.

The new version adds five new characters:

Amakusa Shiro - Final boss in Samurai Spirits
Zankuro - Final boss in Samurai Spirits 3
Yumeji - Level boss in SS Zero
Sankuro - Level boss in SS Zero
Gaoh - Level boss in SS Zero

As well as a revised player roster, the gameplay has been tweaked, with the speed, strength and damage levels of various characters now more balanced, following complaints from fans over the past month or so.

At this point in time, a PlayStation 2 version will be released in Japan, though the possibility of an American release is still in doubt. SCEA’s stringent QA department has put the kibosh on the latest build of SS, though high level SNK sources have stated that new versions will be submitted in the next few weeks.

We’ll bring you updates then.


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